Murals, Sculptures and Ecclesiastical Art.

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My art passion arises through the incursion on the desing and manufacture of mexican handcrafts, and, along the years, mastering diverse material handling ( glass, ceramics, clay, wood, ironworks, obsidian, slab and quarry stones) and their artistical implementation.


Piece of art with more than 201,600 glass mosaic pieces and diverse materials segmented, painted and hand placed, in a 7 by 2.4 meters space. Mounted inside the Asian Restaurant, at The Grand Krystal Nuevo Vallarta Hotel and Resort (Jalisco. Mexico. 2017)


Mural installed at the Livorno Due Towers in Guadalajara. Entice to meditation and find the interior peace. Based on a Tuscany landscape. Design collaboration with Bruni García González Rubio.

Golden Woman

Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara, Mexico. Influenced by the women's trascendental concept and their inherent radiance. This piece of art measures 9 by 2.4 meters and has an embedded encripted secret code.

Caribean Carnival

With more than 720,000 glass mosaics. Festive carnival of forms and designs, capricious and abstract forms on a black background to enhace the multicolored life of the most important annual party at The Barceló Grand Punta Cana Hotel and Resort. This piece of art, created on two sections, measures 15 by 2.4 meters and 10 x 2.40 meters.

Tequila Cuervo's Reserva de la Familia

Mural explicitly solicited as a gift to J. Beckman. Installed at the La Rojeña Tequila Plant's Bar in Tequila Jalisco Mexico.


This mural measures 12 x 1.30 meters in Manó Grá, With neutral tones highlighting the red rose, Made for the Japanese Restaurant. This piece measures 12 x 1.3 meters at Manó Grá.


18 art pieces series for the Royal Solaris Hotel's Restaurant and public spaces, abstract inspirations of sea, beach and water, Cancun, Mexico.

Grand Velas, Rivera Maya

Buffet Bar and mosaic appliqué at L' Bistró and Lucca Restaurants. Grand Velas Resort, Rivera Maya.

Desert Dunes

Mural in a private residence, Torreon, Coahuila Mexico. Size: 4 x 2.2 meters. Mural in bright colors inspired in the sunny arab deserts, praising the family's heritage.

Spirit and Energy

In a space of 4 x 2.5 meters, Designed and crafted by a powerful eclectic Huichol, Inca, Hindu and Christian influences, synthesizing the spiritual influences and syncretism of the owners familiy. San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco, Mexico.

Roses City

Baruk Hotel, Guadalajara, México. This mural's magnificent height of 6 x 2 meters. The city of Guadalajara aforetime called The Roses City, shows a modern theme in a blue, green and silver hues in cold tones, accord to the hotel design concept with the representative icon La Minerva.

Tree of Life

Private Residence at Cabo. Baja. Mexico. Turning to a modern concept the traditional Tree of Life. We propose a bright and contrast concept to show inside an inimaginable venue in this property. Mural measeures 1.6 by 2.4 meters .

Paulo's Stampede

Near Guadalajara city, we create this 5 horses stampede of 2.7 meters high each, made with wooden branches and an organic structure, mixing slate and obsidian slabs, Ixtlahuacan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Rampant Love

Horse Sculpture of 3.50 meters high, Placed on a private residence front facade, celebrates the owners constant love renovation.

Earth and Sky Angels.

Horse Heads. Were designed and made for an events venue, with mixed materials, like endemic wood from Jalisco and ironworks.

Horizon Guardians

Couple of sculputures that frame and make an achitectural finish to the top border of the Hacienda's main entrance. Measures: 1.60 meters high each one.

Saint Peregrine

Ecclesiastical Art, Leading figure at the meditation garden of The Saint Thomas More Parish, Boyton Beach, Florida, USA.

Sacred Heart

Colab Design with Rev. Alex Vargas, made for a 0.70 x 2.20 meters niche Along with anotehr 7 Ecclesiastical Images at The Saint Thomas More Parish, Boyton Beach, Fl.

Jesus Christ Frame

10 meters high glass mosaics. Installed at The St. Thomas More Parish, Boyton Beach Fl, USA.

Holly Virgin of Guadalupe

1.40m x 1.10 meters long with mosaic sparkles in golden leaves.

Altar Wall

Copper tones, Silver covered, simbolizes the eucaristic light, 3 meteres wide x 2 meteres long

The lamb on the Gospels

90cms diameter it is located in a private chapel in Jalisco, Mexico.


3 x 2 meters Mosaic Mural is in Boyton Beach, Florida, USA.


First Century Christians used the pelican fedding her pelican hatchlings as a symbol of Jesus Christ, The Medallion is 1.10 meter diameter.

St. John The Baptist

Baptizing Jesus at the river, this altarpiece size is 70cms x 2.40 meters, Golden Mosaic silver covered, is located in Boyton Beach, Florida, USA.

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